Sanyutei Kouseinen
Real name: Johan Nilsson Björk
Place of birth: Uppsala, Sweden
Date of birth: 1985 October 3rd

2020 August 1st, Promoted to second rank in rakugo, "futatsume", name changed to "Sanyutei Kouseinen"
2016 July 15th, Became an apprentice to Sanyutei Kouraku, apprentice name "Sanyutei Jubei"
2014-2017, Tokyo Film Center School of Arts, Tokyo, Acting studies
2012-2013, Chuo University, Tokyo, one year, Japanese studies
2010, Nanzan University, Nagoya, four months study abroad program, Japanese studies
2019-2013, Stockholm University, Japanese language and culture, bachelor

I studied Japanese at Stockholm University in Sweden, and then went to study abroad in Japan at Nanzan University and Chuo University. I joined the Chuo rakugo club and performed rakugo. After getting my bachelor I studied acting at Tokyo Film Center of Arts, and then became an apprentice to Sanyutei Kouraku for four years.

Just having finished my rakugo apprenticeship, I want to perform rakugo in English and Japanese, both in Japan and in the rest of the world.

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